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SIXTH GRADE: Good Books Program Study Guide
Price: $19.95

Our 6th grade Good Books Guide comes with a full-color front cover, Answer Key for each guide, True/False questions, and Essay questions to encourage young writers, and a synopsis of each book.
Our Good Books Literature Guides were written by Dr. James S. Taylor, author of the widely acclaimed Poetic Knowledge: The Recovery of Education. Dr. Taylor took his first formal course in Children’s Literature from Dr. Dennis Quinn at the University of Kansas and had many conversations concerning these poems and stories with his colleague, Dr. John Senior. He has taught Children’s Literature at the high school and college levels for nearly two decades.
SIXTH GRADE: Sketchbook by Washington Irving
Price: $16.95

He was, in Thackeray's words, the "first ambassador whom the New World of letters sent to the Old." Sage, storyteller, and wit, Washington Irving earned his preeminence in early American literature with these masterpieces in miniature: tales of romance, travel pictures, biographical discourses, and literary musings. Introducing such classic figures of American fiction and fantasy as Rip Van Winkle, Ichabod Crane, and the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow, these stories have proved has enduring as the Kaatskill Mountains their author immortalized.
SIXTH GRADE: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Price: $9.95

In Octorber 1843, Charles Dickens - heavily in debt and obligated to his publisher - began work on a book to help supplement his family's meager income. That volume, A Christmas Carol, has long since become one of the most beloved stories in the English language. As much a part of the holiday season as holly, mistletoe and evergreen wreaths, this perennial favorite continues to delight new readers and rekindle thoughts of charity and good will nearly 150 years after it was first published. With its characters exhibiting many qualities - as well as failures - often ascribed to Dickens himself, the imaginative and entertaining tale relates Ebenezer Scrooge's eerie encounters with a series of spectral visitors. Journeying with them through Christmases past, present and future, he is ultimately transformed from an arrogant, obstinate and insensitive miser to a generous, warm-hearted and caring human bing. Written by one of England's greatest and most popular novelists, A Christmas Carol has come to epitomize the true meaning of Christmas.
SIXTH GRADE: Moods by Louisa May Alcott
Price: $19.95

Moods, Louisa May Alcott's first novel, was published in 1864, four years before the best-selling Little Women. The novel unconventionally presents a "little woman," a true-hearted abolitionist spinster, and a fallen Cuban beauty, their lives intersecting in Alcott's first major depiction of the "woman problem." Sylvia Yule, the heroine of Moods, is a passionate tomboy who yearns for adventure. The novel opens as she embarks on a river camping trip with her brother and his two friends, both of whom fall in love with her. These rival suitors, close friends, are modeled on Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. Aroused, but still "moody" and inexperienced, Sylvia marries the wrong man. In the rest of the novel, Alcott attempts to resolve the dilemma she has created and leaves her readers asking whether, in fact, there is a place for a woman such as Sylvia in a man's world.
SIXTH GRADE: The Dragon and the Raven by G. A. Henty
Price: $19.99

G.A. Henty's The Dragon and the Raven is a novel about the days of King Alfred. Like all Henty's books, this work aims at historical accuracy and reproduces the faith and concerns of the era. King Alfred is too little known today; his faith, and his reliance on God's law, make him of little interest to modern man. Henty gives a vivid picture of the horrors of the Danish invasions of England. For two centuries and almost three, Europe awas almost shattered by the waves of invasions by the marauders from the north. The risistance to them, the gradual conversion of them, and the new Europe that emerged constitute a dramatic story. In his work, The Dragon and the Raven, Mr. Henty gives us a fine fictional tale of one portion of that history. Accompany Edmund, a young Saxon thane, as he enlists in the service of King Alfred.
SIXTH GRADE: Jo's Boys by Louisa May Alcott
Price: $12.95

In the culmination of the Little Women stories, Jo's Boys depicts the girls and boys of Plumfield as young men and women who are facing problems and seeking happiness in life. The original twelve boys are scattered far and wide, but all come wandering back from the four corners of the earth to tell their various experiences and to reminisce over the pleasures of the past. Favorite characters from Little Women, including Meg, Jo, Amy and the faithful Laurie, remain at the center of the story and find their successors in the bearded firebrand Dan, the strong-willed Naughty Nan, who developed into the physician she once dreamed of becoming, as well as others. The final book in the trilogy rounds out the complete story of Jo March Bhaer in a satisfying way.
SIXTH GRADE: Work by Louisa May Alcott
Price: $15.95

Alcott's concerns about social justice, women's work, domesticity, and community lie at the heart of this provocative novel. In this story of a woman's search for a meaningful life, Alcott moves outside the family setting of her best known works. Originally published in 1872, Work is both an exploration of Alcott's personal conflicts and a social critique, examining women's independence, the moral significance of labor, and the goals to which a woman can aspire. Influenced by Transcendentalism and by the women's rights movement, it affirms the possibility of a feminized utopian society.
SIXTH GRADE: In the Reign of Terror by G. A. Henty
Price: $19.99

Harry Sandwith, a Westminster boy becomes a resident at the chateau of a French marquis, and after various adventures accompanies the family to Paris at the crisis of the Revolution. Imprisonment and death reduce their number, and the hero finds himself beset by perils with the three young daughters of the house in his charge. After hair-breadth escapes they reach Nantes. There the girls are condemned to death in the coffinships, but are saved by the unfailing courage of their boy-protector. Date: 1793 Location: Europe, France Main Event: French Revolution
SIXTH GRADE: With Wolfe in Canada by G. A. Henty
Price: $19.99

Through misadventure the hero of the story, James Walsham, becomes involved in the historic struggle between Britain and France for supremacy on the North American continent. The issue of this war depended not only the destinies of North America, but to a large extent those of the mother countries themselves. With Wolfe in Canada will take the reader through many battles of this conflict. Meet a young George Washington and General Braddock as they fight the French and Indians, join up with Rogers' Rangers, and learn of the legendary generals Wolfe and Montcalm. With Wolfe in Canada is a model of what a children's book should be with its moving tale of military exploit and thrilling adventure. This classic provides a lesson in history instructively and graphically, whilst infusing into the dead facts of history new life.
SIXTH GRADE: Mysterious Island by Jules Verne
Price: $16.99

There is an interesting story about Jules Verne's first home. In the middle of the river at Nantes lies a small sandy island. This had been bought in 1723 by twenty-four rich merchants who wanted to construct ornate homes to match their wealth. In time, twenty-four loveley homes could be seen from the mainland, and the owners were for a time, able to live an idyllic life. It was on this island that Pierre Verne met Sophie, fell in love with her, and married her. Sophie's parents lived on the island, and as Pierre was not well off, the couple set up housekeeping with the bride's parents. It was on this island that Jules was born and dreamed his first dreams. Verne used to be flooded with letters from female admirers, letters that often contained locks of hair. Jules would answer the letters, but would throw the hair into the fire. He would often remark, after reading one of these declarations of love, that the mermaids of The Mysterious Island were his only love. If mermaids represented far-off places, then he spoke the truth.
SIXTH GRADE: Evangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Price: $12.95

This classic poem of love lost features the most tragic, romantic, and famous star-crossed lovers since Romeo and Juliet. The heartbreaking story of Gabriel and Evangeline, two Acadians separated during the British expulsion of the French settlers from Nova Scotia in 1755, has become one of the most enduring, endearing, and popular poems in American literature. The lovers' affection follows them when they are forced to flee their home, Evangeline to the land of southern Louisianna, Gabriel to other far-flung parts of the New World. Desperate to find one another, Evangeline searches valiantly for her love, while Gabriel, hoping to one day find his beloved, is - unknowingly - always one step ahead of her. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's epic marks a shift in his style from reflective lyrics and ballads to a longer tale in hexametric verse. The result will for eternity move those "who believe in affection that hopes, and endures, and is patient...who believe in the beauty and strength of a woman's devotion."
SIXTH GRADE: Cricket on the Hearth by Charles Dickens
Price: $12.95

Dickens's delightful evocations of a Victorian Christmas include the title story, a heartwarming fable of home life; "The Holly-Tree," concerning love reclaimed at a country inn; and "The Haunted House," an entertaining account of a belligerent ghost. Combining realism and fantasy, these tales attest to their author's flair for characterization and the picturesque.
SIXTH GRADE: Michael O'Halloran by Gene Stratton-Porter
Price: $54.95

Michael O'Halloran chronicles the adventures of an orphaned newspaper boy in his "hand to hand scuffle" with life in a mid-western metropolis. Young Mickey O'Halloran lives alone in a tenement in Multiopolis until he stumbles upon another orphan, a crippled little girl named Lily Peaches. Mickey takes her under his wing, determined to make a home in the face of their poverty. They touch the lives of carious men and women of the city, people whose own values are strengthened through the example of these two plucky children. Gene Stratton-Porter's faith in the healing power of nature is also apparent, in a lovingly depicted tamarack swamp set near the city.
SIXTH GRADE: Beric the Briton by G. A. Henty
Price: $19.99

The invasion of Brtain by the Roman legionaries is the setting for this story. Beric, a boy chief of a British tribe, takes prominent part in the insurrection against Rome under Boadicca. These efforts are useless against the mighty Roman army. For a short time, Beric and his compnaions continue the fight but are ultimately defeated and taken prisoners to Rome. Through the eyes of Beric, the reader will learn of life in Rome, the gladiatorial schools, the great fire and life in Nero's court. This classic work by the masterful hand of G.A. Henty will shed light upon an event much neglected in history today.
SIXTH GRADE: A Girl of the Limberlost by Stratton-Porter
Price: $19.95

The novel is set in Indiana. Most of the action takes place either in or around the Limberlost Swamp, or in the nearby town of Onabasha. The novel's heroine Elnora Comstock is a poor girl who lives with her widowed mother Katharine Comstock on the edge of the Limberlost Swamp. At the beginning of the novel, Elnora is just beginning high school, where her unfashionable dress adds to her difficulty blending in with the other students.
SIXTH GRADE: Main-Travelled Roads by Hamlin Garland
Price: $19.95

Main-Travelled Roads contains eleven stories in this expanded and revised 1922 edition of an undisputed American classic. "Under the Lion's Paw" shows an honest, hard-working farmer victimized by a greedy landlord. Equally powerful is the semi-autobiographical "Up the Coolly", concerning a successful son who returns from the East to find his mother and brother trapped on a poor farm, defeated in spite of their best efforts. "Mrs. Ripley's Trip" is a tender story of an elderly couple settled in their frugal ways, with the wife determined to realize her dream of revisiting childhood scenes.
SIXTH GRADE: Son of the Middle Border by Hamlin Garland
Price: $22.95

A Son of the Middle Border is presented here in a high quality paperback edition. This popular classic work by Hamlin Garland is in the English language, and may not include graphics or images from the original edition. If you enjoy the works of Hamlin Garland then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection.
SIXTH GRADE: Facing Death by G. A. Henty
Price: $19.99

"Facing Death" is a story with a purpose. It is intended to show that a lad who makes up his mind firmly and resolutely that he will rise in life, and who is prepared to face toil and ridicule and hardship to carry out his determination, is sure to succeed. The hero of the story is a typical British boy, dogged, earnest, generous, and though "shamefaced" to a degree, is ready to face death in the discharge of duty. Date: Victorian era Location: Wales Main Event: Life in a Welsh mining village
SIXTH GRADE: Jack and Jill by Louisa May Alcott
Price: $19.95

When a sledding disaster leaves Jack with a broken leg and Jill bedridden, the two inseparable friends become even closer as they recuperate. Rather than dwell on misfortune as the holiday season approaches, Jack and Jill's friends and family resolve to make it the happiest Christmas yet. With the help of Jack's mother, the wealthy Mrs. Minot, anything is possible. Visits from friends, a wonderful Christmas celebration, and the winter theater production are only a few of the joys that help Jack and Jill as they recover. Yet the elders of the town cannot help but wonder how severe the two friends' injuries really are. Will athletic Jack ever be able to play sports as he used to? And will Jill ever be able to walk again? One thing is certain: The accident will change the lives of these close friends forever.
SIXTH GRADE: Won by the Sword by G. A. Henty
Price: $19.99

The scene of this story is laid in France during the latter part of the Thirty Years' War---the time of Richelieu, of Mazarin and Anne of Austria. The hero, Hector Campbell, is the orphaned son of a Scottish officer in the French Army. Date: 1640 Location: Europe, Germany, France Main Event: Thirty Years' War
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