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Draw*Write*Now BOXED SET
Draw*Write*Now BOXED SET
Price: $129.99


Integrate the study of Art and Handwriting with geography, history, social studies, and science!
Draw*Write*Now WORKBOOK
Draw*Write*Now WORKBOOK
Price: $7.95

Created in response to customer demand, our workbooks give students the opportunity to write and illustrate their own books. Parents and teachers love them because they kepp their children's work organized. Our workbooks are printed on quality, white paper. The horizontal format gives children a long line on which to write and a large drawing area. Each 48-page workbook will hold all of the lessons in one of the Draw*Write*Now books with a few extra pages for practice.
FIFTH GRADE: Draw*Write*Now Book Seven</b>
FIFTH GRADE: Draw*Write*Now Book Seven
Price: $19.95

Book 7 includes:
Animals of the World Part 1
Tropical Forests - How does spotted fur help leopards hide? Do sloths walk? Circle the globe while learning about exotic animals that populate Earth tropical forests.
Northern Forests - Draw and Write about pandas, porcupines, opossums, bats, and more! Meet amazing, diving moose and other animals that inhabit the World's northern forests.
Forests Down Under - How far can a kangaroo jump? What animal has a bill like a duck, a tail like a beaver and webbed feet? Discover the fascinating animals that call Australia-"the land down under" home.
FIFTH GRADE: Draw*Write*Now Book Eight
FIFTH GRADE: Draw*Write*Now Book Eight
Price: $19.95

Book 8 includes:
Animals of the World Part 2 Featuring Animals of the World Part II. Come experience the animals on the Savannas, draw the animals that live in the Grasslands and learn about the animals that live in the Mountains and Deserts.
Savannas - Lions, giraffes, hippos, zebras and cheetas . . . learn about these and other animals that call the savannas of the world their home.
Grassland Animals - Gallop across the steppes with a wild horse and raid an ant hill with an anteater while exploring eastern Europe and central Asia's grassy plains.
Mountains and Deserts - Fascinating animals inhabit the planet's highest and driest places. Learn about them and, in the process, discover why Europe and Asia--although connected--are two continents.
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