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Elfie: Student Book
Philosophy for Children sharpens children's linguistic, logical and cognitive competence. If any subject should be added to the school curriculum, it should be philosophy. And if philosophy is to become a mandated subject in the schools, there is no better way of offering it than through the Philosophy for Children approach.

Price: $29.95
Elfie Teacher's Manual
This manual aims to help children confront, recognize and explore the problematic aspects of their experience. It helps them formulate the questions that guide such exploration and, at the same time, it helps them question the seemingly unproblematic aspects of the world and the language they use to talk about it. The manual provides students with many opportunities to organize their experience into story form-an important prerequisite for learning to write. It also provides many discussion plans that the teacher will find useful for promoting classroom dialogue. It further provides exercises designed to help children see that statements are really the beginning of inquiry and not its end, for every statement can be understood as a tentative answer to an implicit question.

Price: $59.95
SECOND GRADE: The Music Puzzlers: Text (used book)
Introduces children to the art of music theory, harmony, rhythm and melody. Recommended for use with the 7 cassettes below.

Price: $29.95
SECOND GRADE: Science Student Text (used - this is not a Common Core text)
The Student Editions provide clear, logical, systematic instruction. Each lesson follows a consistent learning sequence for focused inquiry-based learning -- Investigate, Read and Learn, Lesson Review, and Make Connections. Special features enrich the learning with relevant real world topics.
The purchase of this student textbook includes the Science 2 Assessment Guide.

Price: $99.95
Saxon Home Study Manipulative Kit (used in grades PreK-2)
Saxon Home Study Manipulative Kit (used grades P-2)

Price: $149.95
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