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SEVENTH GRADE: Good Books Program Study Guide
Price: $19.95

Our 7th grade Good Books Guide comes with a full-color front cover, Answer Key for each guide, True/False questions, and Essay questions to encourage young writers, and a synopsis of each book.
Our Good Books Literature Guides were written by Dr. James S. Taylor, author of the widely acclaimed Poetic Knowledge: The Recovery of Education. Dr. Taylor took his first formal course in ChildrenÂ’s Literature from Dr. Dennis Quinn at the University of Kansas and had many conversations concerning these poems and stories with his colleague, Dr. John Senior. He has taught ChildrenÂ’s Literature at the high school and college levels for nearly two decades.
SEVENTH GRADE: Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne
Price: $19.95

It was a secret message by an ancient alchemist, found on a crumbling scrap of parchment. And if Saknussemm was right, then every thoery about the molten core of the earth is wrong . Prof. Otto lidenbrock has to learn the truth. So Lidenbrick, his nephew Axel, and Icelandic hunter Hans climb down the cone of an arctic volcano and into.....A realm of awesome mystery, wierd beauty - and deadly peril. Where vast caverns and endless mazes lead to an underground ocean, living fire , and prehistoric monsters. But where any wrong turn, any misstep, can leave the explorers trapped forever in the eternal darkness of a planet-sized tomb.....Buried alive at the heart of the world.....
SEVENTH GRADE: Kim by Rudyard Kipling
Price: $19.95

When his father, a soldier stationed in India, dies suddenly, young Kimball O'Hara is left to fend for himself on the streets of Lahore. A proper English lad, Kim is plunged into an exotic and unfamiliar world of crowded bazaars and noisy markets, gilded temples, sahibs and fakirs, beggars, whirling dervishes, soldiers, and spies. Forced to live hand-to-mouth, Kim must rely on his cunning and wit to survive. But his life takes a curious twist when he meets a holy man, a lama, who is about to embark on a very mysterious quest: a pilgrimage that will take him across the vast continent, across mighty rivers, and up to the majestic Himalayas. He wants Kim to accompany him. But where will the journey lead? For Kim, all roads lead to adventure!
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Price: $19.95

Uncle Tom, Topsy, Sambo, Simon Legree, little Eva: their names are American bywords, and all of them are characters in Harriet Beecher Stowe's remarkable novel of the pre-Civil War South. Uncle Tom's Cabin was revolutionary in 1852 for its passionate indictment of slavery and for its presentation of Tom, "a man of humanity," as the first black hero in American fiction. Labeled racist and condescending by some contemporary critics, it remains a shocking, controversial, and powerful work - exposing the attitudes of white nineteenth-century society toward "the peculiar institution" and documenting, in heartrending detail, the tragic breakup of black Kentucky families "sold down the river."
SEVENTH GRADE: The Silverado Squatters by Robert Louis Stevenson
Price: $19.99

In July of 1879, Robert Louis Stevenson was penniless, in broken health, and his writing career was in tatters. He was nursed back to health by his doctor, his nurse, and his future wife. His father then provided him money to help and he married. Still too weak to undertake the journey back to Scotland, he spent an unconventional honeymoon in a shanty in a derelict mining camp. This is his story of their time in the shanty. Other tales of his quest appear in "Essays of Travel" and "Across the Plains."
SEVENTH GRADE: Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
Price: $12.99

Abandoned at an early age, Oliver Twist is forced to live in a dark and dismal London workhouse lorded over by awful Mr. Bumble who cheats the boys of their meager rations! Desperate but determined, Oliver makes his escape. But what he discovers in the harsh streets of London's underworld makes the workhouse look like a charming and delightful place. Penniless and alone, he is lured into a world of crime by the wily Fagin - the nefarious mastermind of a gang of pint-sized pickpockets. Will a life of crime pay off for young Oliver? Or will it earn him a one-way ticket to the gallows?
SEVENTH GRADE: Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare
Price: $12.99

An exciting new edition of the complete works of Shakespeare with these features: illustrated with photographs from New York Shakespeare Festival productions; vivid, readable introductions for each play by noted scholar David Bevington; a lively, personal foreword by Joseph Papp; an insightful essay on the play in performance; modern spelling and punctuation; comprehensive source material and scholarship for each play, with notes; up-to-date, annotated bibliographies; a convenient listing of key passages.
SEVENTH GRADE: Freckles by Stratton-Porter
Price: $19.95

Freckles was Gene Stratton-Porter's first success, gaining even greater popularity after the publication of its sequel, A Girl of the Limberlost. In Freckles a homeless waif finds his deliverance in the primeval Limberlost swamp. Maimed and abandoned as an infant, Freckles seeks a chance to prove his worth. He is given that oppurtunity as the guard of the precious timber of the Limberlost. In his stewardship of the woods, he finds happiness in the companionship of the birds and other wild creatures and in the love of the beautiful Swamp Angel. This moving story of courage and virtue will warm the hearts of young and old.
SEVENTH GRADE: The Pathfinder by James Fenimore Cooper
Price: $19.95

Vigorous, self-reliant, amazingly resourceful and moral, James Fenimore Cooper's Natty Bumppo towers over and above the author's majestic descriptions of early frontier life, Indian raiders, and defenseless outposts. He is the prototype of the Western hero; his vision of man in a natural context and his hatred of middle-class hypocrisy give him his stature as a faultless arbiter of wilderness justice. He is no less adept at judging his own feelings of love-divided as they are between the woman whom he protects on a hazardous journey and the deep woods that sustain him in his beliefs. A rapid, climactic narrative, The Pathfinder is among the finest examples of epic action literature. "...the examples Cooper has given in his glorious fictions, of heroism, honor, and truth, of large sympathies between man and man...shall live through centuries to come...."-William Cullen Bryant.
SEVENTH GRADE: The Harvester by Stratton-Porter
Price: $19.95

In The Harvester, Gene Stratton-Porter returns to her beloved midwestern woodlands. Her hero David Langston is modeled after Henry David Thoreau. He lives a contented life in Medicine Woods with his dog Belshazzar, his horse Betsy, and the birds and animals the wild as companions. To the residents of the nearby town of Onabasha, Langston is known as the Medicine Man. He spends his life studying and cultivating plants and herbs which he sells to the local hospital or which he concocts into healthful tonics and medicines. One day histranquility is disturbed by a vision of a woman "wonderful, alluring, lovely beyond any woman the harvester ever had seen." This apparition sends Langston in search of his dream girl. He soon finds and rescues the pale and lovely Ruth Jameson. She is his dream come to life. They go off to live in the cabin he has lovingly built for her. Ultimately they find idyllic bliss in the pure, unspoiled woods, but not before the dream girl's mysterious past is revealed and resolved.
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