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3rd - 12th GRADES: The Complete National Geographic 120 Years on 6 DVD-ROMs 6TH - 8TH GRADES: Art in Focus Text (used - not common core edition)
Price: $99.95
Price: $99.95
<font color=white>A </font>Art in Focus (6th- 8th Grades) Text (used)
  • The Complete National Geographic includes every printed page--every article, photograph, advertisement--from 1888 through 2008 - a must for every homeschooler.
  • Test your knowledge of subjects with a trivia game and reference hundreds of the magazine's classic maps
  • Geobrowse helps you easily find articles, photographs, and maps about the location you choose
  • Includes bonus DVD with videos documenting the history of the National Geographic Society and National Geographic magazine
  • Explore 120 years of amazing discoveries, fascinating maps, and the world's best photography with The Complete National Geographic. This definitive collection of every issue of National Geographic magazine, digitally reproduced in stunning high resolution, brings you the world and all that is in it.
  • Use the advanced interface to explore a topic, search for photographs, browse the globe, or wander on your own expedition.
Art in Focus (6th- 8th Grades) is a beautiful book explaining the history of art from ancient times to modern day. Full of wonderful pictures from all ages, this book is truly a treasure.
7th & 8th GRADE: Enjoyment of Music CDs Set 7th & 8th GRADE: Enjoyment of Music Study Guide
Price: $89.99
Price: $49.95
The 4 CD set includes the shorter edition repertoire in top quality audio recordings with track points, enabling teachers and students to jump instantly to key musical moments in each work. Enjoyment of Music - Study Guide -- This program is used for grades 7th and 8th. This Study Guide includes reviews, quizzes, drills, and listening exercises, as well as experiential activities, all designed for users of The Enjoyment of Music, 11th Edition, by Joseph Machlis and Kristine Forney.
7th & 8th GRADE: Enjoyment of Music Text 7th- 12th Grades for Angelicum Academy Students : Chance or Purpose? Creation, Evolution, and a Rational Faith by Cardinal Schoenborn
Price: $99.95
Price: $39.99
The Eleventh Edition reflects how today's students learn, listen to, and live with music. With an accessible, student-friendly treatment of the subject, it emphasizes context to show how music fits in the everyday lives of people throughout history, and connects culture, performance, and technology to the lives of students today. The new edition features a streamlined and memorable narrative, more cultural and historical context, and in-text features that encourage and develop critical thinking skills. In this book, Cardinal Schönborn responds to his critics by tackling the hard questions with a carefully reasoned "theology of creation". Can we still speak intelligently of the world as "creation" and affirm the existence of the Creator, or is God a "delusion"? How should an informed believer read Genesis? If God exists, why is there so much injustice and suffering? Are human beings a part of nature or elevated above it? What is man's destiny? Is everything a matter of chance or can we discern purpose in human existence?
SEVENTH GRADE: Across the Plains by Robert Louis Stevenson SEVENTH GRADE: By Pike and Dyke by G. A. Henty
Price: $19.95
Price: $19.99
Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) is best known today for his adventure stories such as "Kidnapped" and "Treasure Island". This son of an engineering family, though frail of health wrote many works including poetry and plays. In many ways his life was more exciting than his fiction. In 1876 he met Fanny Osborne, 11 years his senior, in Paris. In 1879, against his family's wishes, he followed her to San Francisco. Lacking funds he traveled in steerage across the ocean and by emigrant train across the USA. Always frail of health, Stevenson reached San Francisco in poor condition. Nursed back to health, he married her. Unknown to many of our generation is the Dutch fight for freedom from Spanish rule. Few have been taught of the persistent efforts of the Prince of Orange or the huge obstacles he faced as the leader of the Dutch. Through the eyes of Ned Martin, the young hero, G.A. Henty transports the reader back to these turbulent and troubled times. Learn about the character of William the Silent, 16th century Dutch history, and the brutality the Dutch overcame. By Pike and Dyke will both inform and entertain its readers under the matchless storytelling talent of G.A. Henty, the Boy's Own Historian.
SEVENTH GRADE: Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare SEVENTH GRADE: Famous Men of Modern Times Student Book
Price: $12.99
Price: $29.95
An exciting new edition of the complete works of Shakespeare with these features: illustrated with photographs from New York Shakespeare Festival productions; vivid, readable introductions for each play by noted scholar David Bevington; a lively, personal foreword by Joseph Papp; an insightful essay on the play in performance; modern spelling and punctuation; comprehensive source material and scholarship for each play, with notes; up-to-date, annotated bibliographies; a convenient listing of key passages. This book is part of the Great Books Academy's history program. Please click on the book's image for more details.

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