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The Great Conversation by Dr. Mortimer J. Adler
Price: $49.95

Designed as a reader`s guide to Britannica's 60 volume Great Books of the Western World set used as the readings source for the Great Books high school (9th-12th grades) program and offered for sale by the Academy.The Great Conversation stands alone as a guide to reading and understanding Western literature. Filled with fascinating background information, extensive timelines, photos, and quotes from renowned works and their authors, The Great Conversation will assist any reader in the quest for a liberal arts education. If you are not quite sure whether to purchase a Great Books set, this introductory volume wll help you decide. Written by Dr. Mortimer J. Adler.

ELEVENTH GRADE: Composition in the Classical Tradition (used book)
Price: $99.95

Composition in the Classical Tradition borrows from late antiquity a series of composition exercises called the progymnasmata to teach the art of persuasion. The exercises apply an understanding of the invention and composition of arguments from ancient rhetoric to a writer's own forms of persuasive communication. This book is structured to provide an effectively graded sequence of exercises, manageable at each step, from the simple to the more difficult and from the concrete to the abstract, within an explicit rhetorical framework. Learn how to compose an essay or a speech by first becoming proficient at its parts Composition in the Classical Tradition features a variety of ancient forms myths, historical episodes, descriptions, fables, proverbs, anecdotes, and speeches for readers to enjoy while learning how to write and speak persuasively. For anyone interested in composition and classical rhetoric.
TWELFTH GRADE: Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student
Price: $99.95

Widely used in advanced composition and writing courses, Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student discusses the three vital components of classical rhetoric--argument, arrangement, and style--bringing these elements to life and demonstrating their effective use in yesterday's and today's writing. Presenting its subject in five parts, the text provides grounding in the elements and applications of classical rhetoric; the strategies and tactics of argumentation; the effective presentation and organization of discourses; the development of power, grace, and felicity in expression; and the history of rhetorical principles. Numerous examples of classic and contemporary rhetoric, from paragraphs to complete essays, appear throughout the book, many followed by detailed analyses.
The fourth edition of Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student features a new section on the Progymnasmata (classical composition exercises), a new analysis of a color advertisement in the Introduction, an updated survey of the history of rhetoric, and an updated section on "External Aids to Invention."
11th & 12th GRADE: Tragedy & Hope: History of the World in Our Time (1895-1965)
Price: $59.95

Note: Much history is included in our interdisciplinary Great Books courses – therefore, these books are only recommended for students particularly interested in history and who wish to read more in it. They are not required by the Academy.
12th GRADE: Witness to Hope
Price: $59.95

This book is part of the Angelicum Academy's history program. Please click on the book's image for more details. Note: Much history is included in our interdisciplinary Great Books courses – therefore, these books are only recommended for students particularly interested in history and who wish to read more in it. They are not required by the Academy.

HIGH SCHOOL: The Time of Our Lives: The Ethics of Common Sense
Price: $39.95

This book is part of the Great Books Academy's Ethics program. Please click on the book's image for more details.

9th - 12th GRADE: English Grammar and Usage
Price: $24.95

English Grammar and Usage - highly recommended for our Great Books Program students.
MODERNS YEAR: Study Guide for the Second Semester Moderns Year
Price: $49.95

These Study Guides are meant to be a companion to the Academy’s Great Books selections [organized in the manner of a four-year, eight-semester program at the secondary or college level]. In putting it together we were guided by two principles: 1) that we approach each work on its own terms in an effort to be faithful to its meaning and 2) that we also be aware of the larger tradition out of which the work came and which sets the terms, methods, and forms of the work. We wanted to avoid inserting any beliefs or opinions of our own on the work. We also wanted to do justice, where we could, to the deeper level of meaning that comes from seeing a work in the context of the tradition—science, philosophy, history, and literature—from which it was produced.
MODERNS YEAR: An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding by David Hume
Price: $19.95

A landmark of Enlightenment thought, Hume's An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding is accompanied here by two shorter works that shed light on it: A Letter from a Gentleman to His Friend in Edinburgh, Hume's response to those accusing him of atheism, of advocating extreme skepticism, and of undermining the foundations of morality; and his Abstract of A Treatise of Human Nature, which anticipates discussions developed in the Enquiry. In his concise Introduction, Eric Steinberg explores the conditions that led Hume to write the Enquiry and the work's important relationship to Book I of Hume's A Treatise of Human Nature.
MODERNS YEAR: Sourcebook for U.S. Documents
Price: $19.95

Features a complete index and vocabulary to the series, as well as a collection of 94 primary sources relating the U.S. history that will make every history lover ecstatic. This sourcebook traces the development of the fundamental ideals on which our society is based: free speech and a free press, religious toleration, due process of law, racial equality, and government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Beginning with the Magna Carta and concluding with a speech delivered by President Ronald Reagan at Moscow State University in 1988--celebrating the spread of American ideals of freedom at the end of the Cold War--this sourcebook allows students to analyze the charter documents of American freedom. These include our society's basic constitutional documents, such as the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, landmark Supreme Court decisions from Marbury v. Madison to the Pentagon Papers case, the most influential presidential addresses, and documents illuminating the experience of the diverse groups that make up our society.
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