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Elfie: Student Book
Price: $29.95

Philosophy for Children sharpens children's linguistic, logical and cognitive competence. If any subject should be added to the school curriculum, it should be philosophy. And if philosophy is to become a mandated subject in the schools, there is no better way of offering it than through the Philosophy for Children approach.
Elfie Teacher's Manual
Price: $59.95

This manual aims to help children confront, recognize and explore the problematic aspects of their experience. It helps them formulate the questions that guide such exploration and, at the same time, it helps them question the seemingly unproblematic aspects of the world and the language they use to talk about it. The manual provides students with many opportunities to organize their experience into story form-an important prerequisite for learning to write. It also provides many discussion plans that the teacher will find useful for promoting classroom dialogue. It further provides exercises designed to help children see that statements are really the beginning of inquiry and not its end, for every statement can be understood as a tentative answer to an implicit question.
Kio & Gus Student Book
Price: $39.95

The Philosophy for Children program is an internationally recognized and internationally utilized program for developing the entire range of reasoning skills in young people from grade level K through 12. Its central aim is to help young people become more thoughtful and more reasonable persons. There are currently seven components to the program: three early elementary grades ( Getting Out Thoughts Together--- reasoning about experience Wondering at the World -- reasoning in nature and Looking for Meaning -- reasoning about language); two for middle school and junior high (Philosophical Inquiry -- basic reasoning skills and Ethical Inquiry -- reasoning in ethics); and two for secondary school (Writing How and Why -- reasoning in language arts, and Social Inquiry -- reasoning is social studies). Other components of the program are being developed.
Kio & Gus Teacher's Manual
Price: $69.95

In Philosophy for Children, students begin by reading texts in the form of stories. These stories are about fictional children who discover how to reason more effectively, and how to apply their reasoning to life situations. These stories are then discussed by the children in the classroom. Many problematic issues are encountered and examined. The students deliberate among themselves, and this process of deliberation is then internalized by the individual students: they become more reflective and begin to think for themselves. These deliberations evoke thinking that is skillful and deliberate, thinking that employs relevant criteria, is self-correcting, and is sensitive to context. It is not just any kind of thinking: it is critical thinking.
Harry Stottlemier's Discovery - Teacher's Manual
Price: $69.95

Harry Stottlemeir's Discovery was the first children's novel written in the Philosophy for Children curriculum. As such its connections with traditional academic philosophy are often very strong. On reading Harry, adults frequently exclaim at the ideas they remember having encountered when they themselves studied philosophy. Philosophical Inquiry contains many exercises that connect the world of children with the world of philosophically minded adults. The exercises, which were designed for children with a 5th grade reading level, are illuminating because they enable the students to think for themselves about traditionally fascinating philosophical problems.
Socratic Logic: A Logic Text Using Socratic Method, Platonic Questions, and Aristotelian Principles
Price: $59.95

Required text for our online Socratic Logic classes.
Ethics: The Drama of the Moral Life by Piotr Jaroszynski and Mathew Anderson
Price: $29.95

This book is part of the Angelicum Academy's curriculum. Please click on the book's image for more details.

HIGH SCHOOL: The Time of Our Lives: The Ethics of Common Sense
Price: $39.95

This book is part of the Great Books Academy's Ethics program. Please click on the book's image for more details.

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