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SECOND GRADE: Shurley Grammar Homeschool Kit
Price: $75.00

This innovative, easy-to follow program successfully teaches students of all learning abilities through lessons that constantly expose them to "see it, hear it, say it, do it" activities. Yes! Shurley English reaches all of the learning styles of students while using repetition, fun, and student-parent interaction to help them learn difficult English skills. Knowledge of complex grammar and writing skills is not learned over night. It is learned over time from the simplest to the most complex tasks. The process is actually a series of small, incremental, and sequential steps that must be learned precisely and thoroughly during the learning process. The Shurley English program uses a concrete set of questions about each word in a sentence to teach students how all the parts of a sentence fit together. The parent-teacher models each new step by following a scripted lesson from the teacher's manual. Then the student actively participates with the parent-teacher as the steps are practiced. The student is taught how to merge a strong skills foundation with the writing process. Shurley English opens unlimited learning potential for every student.
SECOND GRADE: Shurley Grammar Level 2 Practice Booklet
Price: $15.50

If you're pressed for time, or would like the convenience of having all your materials laid out and ready to go, the Shurley Practice Booklet will be a welcome addition to your Shurley homeschooling curriculum! This booklet contains the same introductory and practice sentences that are included in the teacher's manual, but instead of having to copy them elsewhere, students can easily classify the sentences in this easy-to-use timesaver.
SECOND GRADE: Shurley Grammar 2 Extra Student Workbook
Price: $18.50

Shurley Grammar Level 2 Extra Student Workbook for Homeschool Version
SECOND GRADE: Spelling Student Edition
Price: $34.95

Student Edition helps students learn valuable spelling patterns and strategies. Students retain more by writing each word four times within a unit.
SECOND GRADE: Cursive Handwriting Student
Price: $39.95

•Easy step-by-step instruction •Meaningful practice and application •Colorful and fun
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