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THIRD GRADE: Tales of Ancient Egypt
Price: $12.95

This collection brings the world of Ancient Egypt to life with tales of journey and discovery. Among the many stories are the great myth of Amen-Ra, who formed all the creatures in the world; the entrancing tale of Isis, who searched the waters for her dead husband Osiris; and the miraculous story of the girl with the rose-red slippers, considered the first-ever Cinderella tale. Entertaining and enchanting, this is a timeless collection of the oldest stories in the world.
THIRD GRADE: The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt
Price: $16.99

Long ago, a great civilization thrived along the banks of the Nile River. Ruled by awesome god-kings called Pharaohs. Egypt was a land of bustling cities, golden palaces, and huge stone monuments.  Its people were fun-loving, its nobles elegant, and its gods the most powerful in all the the world. This astonishing civilization endured for more than 3,000 years before it gradually vanished from the face of the earth, its cities crumbling to dust. Eventually, the meanings of its writings were lost, and the story of Egypt's people, its Pharaohs, and its golden days were forgotten.
THIRD GRADE: Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt
Price: $19.95

A delightful, hands-on way to learn all about the Egyptians of old. This book whisks kids back in time thousands of years to spend a special and surprising day in Ancient Egypt. Modern children follow a typical Egyptian family through their day and along the way they get to do all the things the Egyptians did from making crocodile masks and writing with hieroglyphs to making a scarab amulet and painting a mummy case. Over 30 fun and easy step-by-step projects revolve around the story of an exciting festival in honor of the Egyptian goddess Bastet. Packed with sidebars full of detailed historical information and facts, Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt offers children a unique glimpse into an exotic and remarkable civilization. This book brings the history the third grader is learning to life with art projects and activities that are fun and educational to create. Numerous art projects can be created throughout the year as the child studies Ancient Egypt.
Price: $19.95

This book details one of the most fascinating architectural structures - the pyramid. The many illustrations and drawings will hold your child's interest as you read and study the book together.
THIRD GRADE: Ancient Egypt: Moments in History
Price: $19.99

Ancient Egypt: Moments in History - this beautiful book contains many color pictures of Ancient Egypt. The book is written for young children.
3rd - 12th GRADES: The Complete National Geographic 120 Years on 6 DVD-ROMs
Price: $99.95

  • The Complete National Geographic includes every printed page--every article, photograph, advertisement--from 1888 through 2008 - a must for every homeschooler.
  • Test your knowledge of subjects with a trivia game and reference hundreds of the magazine's classic maps
  • Geobrowse helps you easily find articles, photographs, and maps about the location you choose
  • Includes bonus DVD with videos documenting the history of the National Geographic Society and National Geographic magazine
  • Explore 120 years of amazing discoveries, fascinating maps, and the world's best photography with The Complete National Geographic. This definitive collection of every issue of National Geographic magazine, digitally reproduced in stunning high resolution, brings you the world and all that is in it.
  • Use the advanced interface to explore a topic, search for photographs, browse the globe, or wander on your own expedition.
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