FIFTH GRADE: Draw*Write*Now Book Seven
FIFTH GRADE: Draw*Write*Now Book Seven</b>
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Integrate the study of Art and Handwriting with geography, history, social studies, and science!

Marie Hablitzel, the wonderful teacher who developed the lessons in the top-selling Draw*Write*Now series, is now 82-years young! Her easy-to-follow drawing and writing lessons--which integrate art and language arts with geography, history, social studies and science--will be enjoyed by generations of children. Each 64-page book in the 8 book series is full-color throughout

Each lesson includes step-by-step drawing instructions and four sentences that relate to the drawing. The sentences can be written in manuscript, cursive, italic . . . whatever alphabet style you are teaching. The lessons are wonderful springboards for research projects and creative writing activities, too!

Each 64-page book includes 21 theme-relateddrawing and writing lessons, a wealth of factual information on each topic, questions to prompt discussion, recommended book lists . . . and countless ideas to spark children's creativity and imaginations.

The books in the Draw*Write*Now Series can be used in any order. If you are working with children who need to develop confidence in their drawing skills, we recommend starting with Book One--it is the easiest in the series. Book 5, our popular U.S. history book, has the most challenging lessons in the series.

Book 7 includes:

Animals of the World Part 1

Tropical Forests - How does spotted fur help leopards hide? Do sloths walk? Circle the globe while learning about exotic animals that populate Earth tropical forests.

Northern Forests - Draw and Write about pandas, porcupines, opossums, bats, and more! Meet amazing, diving moose and other animals that inhabit the World's northern forests.

Forests Down Under - How far can a kangaroo jump? What animal has a bill like a duck, a tail like a beaver and webbed feet? Discover the fascinating animals that call Australia-"the land down under" home.