SIXTH GRADE: The Dragon and the Raven by G. A. Henty
SIXTH GRADE: The Dragon and the Raven by G. A. Henty
Price: $19.99

G.A. Henty's The Dragon and the Raven is a novel about the days of King Alfred. Like all Henty's books, this work aims at historical accuracy and reproduces the faith and concerns of the era. King Alfred is too little known today; his faith, and his reliance on God's law, make him of little interest to modern man. Henty gives a vivid picture of the horrors of the Danish invasions of England. For two centuries and almost three, Europe awas almost shattered by the waves of invasions by the marauders from the north. The risistance to them, the gradual conversion of them, and the new Europe that emerged constitute a dramatic story. In his work, The Dragon and the Raven, Mr. Henty gives us a fine fictional tale of one portion of that history. Accompany Edmund, a young Saxon thane, as he enlists in the service of King Alfred. The reader will be surprised to find how Alfred persevered through years of struggle.

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