SIXTH GRADE: Light to the Nations, Part I Teacher Manual
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The editors of the Catholic Schools Textbook Project are convinced that story is the most effective way of presenting history to students. Yet, we know such an approach has its peculiar difficulties. Stories necessarily include many details that, if required of students, would make the story approach a burden rather than a delight. The busy teacher or homeschooling parent could find the task of sifting the necessary from the incidental a burdensome task.

Since we want teachers to enjoy our texts as much as their students will, we have produced a teacher’s guide to accompany each volume in our series. A teacher’s guide begins with a general discussion on how to use the text in the classroom and recommends specific strategies. It lists chapter goals and explains the basic facts and ideas students should glean and remember from each chapter. Other features of a teacher’s guide include:

  • scope and sequence
  • quick reference to key terms
  • answer key to end-of-chapter review questions
  • suggestions for chapter activities
  • quizzes and a sample test (along with answer keys) for each chapter
  • resources (including books and music recordings) for further reading and investigation
  • timeline
  • pronunciation guide for foreign words