KINDERGARTEN: The Orange Fairy Book by Andrew Lang
KINDERGARTEN: The Orange Fairy Book by Andrew Lang
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It is almost impossible to envision what childhood would be like without the enchanting world of fairyland. Old witches in cloaks of gold, giants that turn into dwarves, tears that become birds, monsters and magicians, ogres and fairies - these are the companions who thrill boys and girls of all lands and times, as Andrew Lang's phenomenally successful collections of stories have proved. From the day they were first printed, the Lang fairy tale books of many colors have entertained thousands of youngsters, as they have also brought pleasure to parents who have read these classics to their children.  The Orange Fairy Book delves into the oral traditions of Rhodesia, Uganda, and the American Indian; the traditions of the Punjab of Jutland; and such familiar European sources as Hans Christian Andersen (The Ugly Duckling) and Madame d'Aulnoy (The White Doe) for its 33 stories. But it is not important that the lad climbing the tree to a cloud kingdom is an Indian brave rather than Jack, or that the giant-killer Makoma is African. The events are familiar favorites with children the world over. All the tales are narrated in clear, lively prose. Not only are Lang's collections generally considered to contain the best English versions of the standard fairy tales; they are also the richest and widest in range. His position as one of England's foremost folklorists as well as a first-rate editor make his collections unmatchable in the English language.

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