PRESCHOOL: Saxon Math K Home Study Kit
PRESCHOOL: Saxon Math K Home Study Kit
Price: $200.00

Children will learn oral counting skills, numbers and concepts up to 100, sorting counting pennies, telling time to the hour and developing many math skills. The boxed kit comes with a teacher's manual and meeting book for teaching the months of the year. The Saxon Math manipulative is a must for this program.

Saxon's Math K program is carefully planned and packaged in a homeschool kit to make your teaching experience easier.

Students will develop skills including oral counting; recognizing and sequencing numbers; identifying ordinal position; acting out addition and subtraction stories; counting with one-to-one correspondence; sorting; patterning; graphing real objects and pictures; identifying and counting pennies, nickels, and dimes; identifying one half; identifying shapes; covering and replicating geometric designs; measuring using nonstandard units of measure; telling time to the hour; and using a calendar. Oral assessments are built into the program.

Homeschool Kit Contents

Saxon's primary mathematics programs have been carefully planned and packaged. Each homeschool kit comes with all necessary materials required for one-on-one instruction.** The Math K homeschool kit contains the following:

Teacher's Manual.

The heart of each K-3 program is the teacher's manual, which employs a unique instructional format. It contains daily lessons, each of which includes pre-class preparation instructions, a list of materials, and the entire scripted lesson. Scripted lessons provide the parent with questioning strategies and language designed to help children understand mathematical concepts. Since the teacher's manual is nonconsumable, it can be used in successive years with the purchase of new student workbooks and meeting books.

Meeting Book.Each grade level has its own consumable meeting book, which is used during The Meeting at the beginning of each day.

** Manipulatives are an additional purchase.

Lesson Components

Each lesson includes a daily meeting, a new increment of instruction, guided practice of new and previously introduced concepts, and number fact practice. Written and oral assessments are built into the program and are given at regular intervals.

The Meeting.The daily meeting is an opening exercise in which children practice skills related to time, temperature, money, counting, patterning, and problem solving.

Number Fact Practice.Children are presented with strategies to help learn number facts. They are encouraged to recall facts through the use of pattern recognition. Facts are practiced orally, and students test their skills in timed drills (fact practice sheets), competing against past performances.

Written Practice.

Children complete the first part of the written practice with parent assistance. The remaining half, which mirrors work completed in class, is done later in the day. The time delay between practice sessions improves retention.

Oral Assessments.

Each assessment questions children on skills they have practiced for at least five lessons. In Math K, all assessments are oral, and they are given every seven lessons.

Placement Information

Saxon books are skill-level books, not grade-level books.