FIFTH GRADE: VocabuLit G Teacher's Manual
FIFTH GRADE: VocabuLit G Teacher's  Manual
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Literature-based vocabulary program

- Use of literature passages to learn vocabulary
- Multiple activities for each word to reinforce learning
- Period reviews of each word for word mastery
- 300 targeted vocabulary words in each student book

This unique vocabulary and spelling program uses the classics to help students learn. The program differs from most vocabulary and spelling programs in which you memorize words and definitions. Every week the student will master ten spelling words. First, VocabuLit contains examples of how the vocabulary words have been used by various classical writers. The inclusion of classic and high-interest literature not only will interest students in good writings, but will also show them how vocabulary can become an effective writing tool. Second, VocabuLit does not ask students to learn a large number of words at one sitting. Instead, students master just ten words a week and are provided several experiences with those words. Each experience reinforces the previous one, helping students to master meaning. Third, VocabuLit capitalizes on the students natural approach to language acquisistion by having them study words in context. Learning words through context aids the students in two ways. First it leads them to define a word more precisely. It also helps them to develop an important reading skill: the ability to discover and use contextual clues to determine meaning. Student Workbook SC 140 pages teacher Manual SC 140 pages

Vocabu-Lit is an effective, easy-to-use program with strong reinforcement of targeted words.

1. Students read a short, unabridged passage with 10 targeted vocabulary words.

2. Students complete six exercises that teach strategies and reinforce word meanings.

3. After every 10 lessons, students complete a review lesson.

Teacher Editions

The wrap-around Teacher's Edition includes for each book

1. A reproducible glossary

2. A "built-in dictionary"

3. A comprehensive word list