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The superb design, magnificent illustrations, and clearly presented information that distinguish all of David Macaulay's books is nowhere more evident than in this marvelous creation of the imaginary Roman city of Verbonia. Through his impressively detailed drawings and clear descriptive text, Macaulay shows how superbly the Romans built new and exciting, yet functional, cities for the people who were to inhabit them.

Since the publication of his first book, Cathedral, in 1973, David Macaulay has acquired national and international acclaim. His books have been translated into a dozen languages and he has been honored with countless awards, including a medal from the American Institute of Architects for being "an outstanding illustrator and recorder of architectural accomplishments."

"One of the Outstanding Books of the Year . . . detailed in a crisp text and brilliant line drawings.--New York Times

"A fascinating celebration of man's works. One of the Best Books of the Year 1974.--School Library Journal

"A remarkable volume . . . It's one of the most imaginative and informative books of the year." --Gene Shalit, The Today Show

"Superbly lucid drawings." -- Washington Post

"A book that both children and adults will find fascinating.--Psychology Today