FOURTH GRADE: Math 65 Home School Kit
FOURTH GRADE: Math 65 Home School Kit
Price: $200.00

Math 65 is made up of five instructional components: Facts Practice, Mental Math, and Problem Solving; Daily Lessons; Daily Practice; Daily Problem Sets; and Cumulative Tests.

Math 65 is an integrated basic mathematics course that reviews and expands upon all of the mathematical content from Math 54. The emphasis on problem solving continues as students are called upon to apply mathematical tools and techniques to real-life mathematical situations expressed through word problems. The textbook contains no answers, but an answer key is provided for all homework problems.

Math 65 includes incremental development of:

whole-number concepts and computation
mental math patterns and functions
statistics and probability
mixed numbers
negative numbers

Math 65 Homeschool Kit Contents

The Saxon middle grades mathematics programs have been carefully planned and packaged. All you need to successfully teach each program is included in the homeschool kit. The Math 65 homeschool kit includes a textbook, tests, and an answer key for homework problems and tests.

Placement Information

Saxon books are skill-level books, not grade-level books. It is essential that each student is placed in the text that meets the skill level of the individual.