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 (One of our many lovely families from Australia)
Above - One of our many lovely families from Australia

Our family discount of 50% off the full tuition price for siblings after the first, is one of the the most generous in education. It is applicable to all siblings after the first, enrolled in the same Academy program. The “first” sibling refers to the highest-tuition sibling (usually the oldest). Because it is so generous, it may not be combined with other discounts, such as early enrollment, or any special sale discount.

Because the Academy programs vary in price, we cannot apply the family discount across different Academy “programs.” Here are the Academy “programs”: The Homeschool program;Great Books Program; the Greats Honors Program; the various online classes (each is a separate educational program). Siblings enrolled in the same program, after the first, will receive the family discount, regardless of the level they may be at in the same program.

So for example, the second sibling in the Great Books Program, or the Greats Honors program, or Classical languages (Latin or Greek), Socratic Discussions, Philosophy for Children, Essay Composition or the Homeschool Program, would receive the discount, regardless of what grade level they be in. However, one sibling in Latin and one in the Great Books, for example, would not qualify, nor one in our homeschool program and one in the Greats Honors Program. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

(Please note: the family discount for the Associates degree track is $100 per month.)